Hershey Bar Commercial Comparison: 1980 to 2013

In this commercial for the Hershey Bar from the 1980’s, a young and diverse bunch happily eat a Hershey’s bar while singing a catchy ‘s jingle that asserts the supremacy, easy availability, and reliability of the Hershey’s bar. They do this while dancing, while working, or while, somewhat strangely, on the set of a Sesame Street-esque children’s television program. The tagline affirms that Hershey’s is “The Great American Chocolate Bar”.

In this more modern commercial from 2013, the singing people and nationalistic slogan are gone. Instead, viewers are informed that a Hershey’s bar is “more than chocolate”. Instead, it is an “opportunity to stop and savor”, and to be reminded that “life is delicious”. This shift could be attributed to a change in the consumers needs. Instead of simply wanting the best chocolate bar in America that can be had at any time, they instead want an experience- something that takes them out of their busy daily life.

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