Nestle Crunch Back on TV with Girl Scout Themed Crunch Bar

After several years off the air, Nestlé Crunch comes back in 2012 with a new campaign based off of Girl Scout cookie flavors. The campaign focuses on the traditional image of Nestlé as an American chocolate as well the iconic American image of Girl Scout cookies. Over the years, Girl Scout cookies, Thin Mints in particular, have been gaining large popularity, outselling Oreo cookies in the first quarter of 2012. This gives Nestlé a good justification for their campaign, as they get in on the rise of Girl Scout cookie sales.

The commercial shows a Nestlé worker who has just finished placing all of the new Nestlé Girl Scout bars on the “limited time only” shelf. Right away the viewer gets a sense that this is a special, “limited” product. As he mumbles to himself, listing the different flavors, he makes sure, out of all the flavors, to mention the popular “Thin Mints.” He doesn’t say Samosas for coconut flavored nor does he say Tagalongs for peanut butter. This short dialogue catches the attention of the viewer to immediately connect the Nestlé Crunch bar with Girl Scout cookies. When he’s done, a little Girl Scout pulls him away as a stampede of people come to empty the shelf. They show this to give the viewer a sense of urgency to get the product before it’s off the shelves. As their primary advertisement for the campaign, it proved successful as Nestlé witnessed massive amounts of sales within the first few launches.

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