Twix: Pick a Side

The above Twix commercial sets up a line of commercials in a campaign that pits the “Right Twix” against the “Left Twix”, playing on the fact that Twix comes with two bars per. The “Ideologies” spot tells the whimsical (fictional) tale of the founders of the Twix company and the reason behind the two bars. The tagline encourages buyers to “pick a side”. This encourages perceptions of choice, individuality, and, as illustrated below, subtle rebellion.

In this commercial, set in the break room of the “Left Twix” factory, a machine removes the “Right Twix” from the wrapper. A worker wonders what the perennially unavailable candy bar tastes like, and this desire to break free ends with him being sucked up into the corporate machine, presumably never to be seen again. Of course, both bars are exactly the same, but the end effect speaks to the habits of consumers. Which bar do they eat first? While most people probably pay little or no attention to this, after seeing the commercial spot, they will suddenly be conscious of their decision to eat either the right side or the left side, and be reminded of the funny commercial.

This rivalry extended into the real world as a musical sing-off by the Swon brothers:

Each represented a side, and sang about the respective benefits of their half of the Twix bar to a live (primarily female). Audience members were then encouraged to pick a side, represented by picking one of the brothers. Of course, regardless of the choice, the Twix brand ended up victorious.

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