Godiva Appeals to Women with “Diva” Campaign

“Every woman is one part (GO) DIVA”

In a recent campaign, Belgian chocolatier Godiva appeals to women, emphasizing the word “Diva” in the “Godiva” name. The word “Diva” originates from the Italian word for “goddess”. “There is something aspirational about it that can appeal to a broad range of women” says Carey Earle, founder of a marketing firm that appeals to women in a Wall Street Journal article that explains the “Diva” campaign.

The “Joie De (GO)DIVA”

The campaign also imparts the message that a goddess deserves to be indulged, and this can be accomplished through consumption of Godiva chocolates. According to the WSJ article, two-thirds of Godiva’s consumers are already women, but the campaign aimed to change the age demographic from above 35 to 25-30. This campaign was ran in such publications as Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, cementing the link between Godiva chocolates and haute couture.

No rule against white chocolate after Labor Day.

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